Our live events are back!  Now online, our first interactive conference will focus on wellbeing and self care!  Book your free spot now! 

Online event: Self-regulation for practitioners

Self-care and reflective practice are key to co-regulation and relationship building for early years practitioners and those in caring professions. This is why we are bringing you this free, interactive and thought-provoking virtual event to support your CPD as well as your personal development

What will be covered and what will you gain from this online event?

We know that as a practitioner, self-care isn’t always top of your list as you’re often too busy caring for others to take time out for yourself.  The popular self-care mantra “you can’t pour from an empty cup” is especially true for those in caring roles and we’re here to support you to develop this positive skill.

This interactive, virtual event will frame self-care as a fundamental responsibility for early years and social care practitioners’, through showing the links between self-care and co-regulation. For example, if we are feeling tired or insecure, we can influence the behaviour and reactions of all those we communicate with, including children and individuals using care services.

You’ll leave the event with an understanding of what self-regulation is, how it might work in practice and to how to better understand the frameworks for co-regulation within care and early years settings. 

Hear from the experts... 
Get top quality advice and knowledge from experts in the sector who will equip you with valuable and practical self-care skills for your toolkit, in times where we all need more tools to work with! 
Our headline speaker will be the fantastic Dr Mine Conkbayir, a leading consultant, speaker, author and researcher in neuroscience and self-regulation in early years education. We’re excited to hear from Mine about the role of effective self-care in self-regulation and building reflective practice. Without self-regulation, there can be no co-regulation.  

You also won’t want to miss out on hearing from our other great speakers, including Stephen Mordue, Dave Wilson and Stacy Mann.  You can find more details on these speakers below. 

How will the event work?
We want you to get the most out of attending this event, which is why will be using a popular virtual events platform to give you the real-life conference experience in the comfort of your own home or setting.

We will be encouraging short breakout activities, networking opportunities, and contribution to the live chat, as well as our fantastic keynote sessions. 

More information and full agenda will be coming soon and we'll send you updates by email once you sign up!



Our fantastic speakers

Stacy Mann – Co-regulation for practitioners
Stacy worked in the Early Years Sector for the last 20 years and exudes passion for well-being and a positive mindset which has fast become her area of expertise. She has trained as a Relax Kids and Charge-Up coach in order to support people in becoming the very best version of themselves.

Mine Conkbayir – Self-regulation in early years
Mine is a consultant, speaker, author and researcher in neuroscience and self-regulation in early years education. Mine’s view is that self-regulation is the greatest gift we can give to children, ‘Children who experience nurturing and stable caregiving, go on to develop greater resilience and the ability to self-regulate uncomfortable and overwhelming emotions’.

Stephen Mordue - Wellbeing and self-regulation
Stephen Mordue is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Sunderland. He was a social work practitioner and manager for 12 years working mainly with older people and their families. His areas of special interest are effective communication, and self-care and productivity for professionals.

Dave Wilson - Walking for wellbeing / mindful walking
Dave provides a range of services in tourism and leisure including providing tours and guided walks and hikes in Northumberland and the North East. He's also Founder of Northumberland 300. He is an expert in walking for wellbeing, the difference time outdoors can make to our mindset and how we might be able to get outside as restrictions are relaxed in the UK.

5/5/2021 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
GMT Daylight Time
Registration is now closed - please email [email protected] if you have any questions.