Finding your next step- Kirsty Mitchell - Skillzminer

As the we continue to deal with the impact of COVID-19 and unemployment continues to rise, it’s important to reflect on how we support those seeking work to identify their routes, options and next steps.  The way that we apply for work has changed rapidly over the last decade and many of those out of work won’t ever have applied for jobs online or completed a ‘job search’.  Have you considered how you might need to adapt your recruitment process to make sure you’re seeing the best of your candidates?

Here at Skillzminer weve been focused on developing our intelligent digital career platform and virtual coach so that we can help more people find better jobs, qualifications, training and education faster.  We’ve worked hard to understand the user experience of job hunting and built a system which can support those looking for work (or progression) to identify their skills, map them to careers and find live vacancies that will get them on the road to their dream job.   How do you support your team to identify what their next career steps might be? Would they benefit from careers support, helping you to fill senior vacancies from staff who already know the ropes?  Are you struggling to figure out what you’d like to do next or unsure of what your options are?

Let us tell you a little bit how we can help you, starting with the top 3 benefits of our platform:

  1. Increasing Job outcomes: The dimensions of supply and demand in the labour market have radically changed since the outbreak of Covid-19. Our powerful occupational classifier provides personalised and automated job matches to over 250,000+ vacancies across the UK and Ireland. It understands the skills, knowledge and competencies required for 3,000+ occupations and can identify the top 20 occupations each and every jobseeker is uniquely suited to. This is an impossible feat for even the most knowledgeable of career advisors as our platform uses over 175,000 data points on occupations to suggest goals and next steps in seconds. This aids job seekers, career coaches and advisors who don't know what to do, can't do what they've always done or want to do something different. 

  2. We help more people: With over 2.8 million unemployment claimants in the UK the demand on frontline services is increasing. Our virtual coach was developed to support organisations and jobseekers alike. It automates the capturing, analysis and prediction of your skills and potential in the workplace, whilst providing you with lots of additional career pathway support.  If you’re looking for new opportunities for yourself, it can support your decision making around job roles, training and future goals.  If you’re looking for staff or want to support your current workforce, our platform can give you the insight and tools to figure out where your gaps are and who might be best placed to fill them. 

  3. Increasing career pathways for every job seeker by 20x: We understand that no two individuals are the same in their occupational experience, preferences, abilities and barriers to work. Skillzminer's occupational-skills based framework rapidly orientates career pathways for our jobseekers and lets you focus on getting on with the job at hand. 

If you’d like to try the engine for yourself, or you’d like more information you can find Skillzminer on the CACHE Alumni website and give it a try for free at;