Regular News – 7th June 2021



Hi everyone! Our latest sector news update is, as you can probably imagine given the recent Queen’s Speech and Dominic Cummings tell-all, quite jam-packed. 

As adult and childcare students, the headlines are giving us lots of food for thought, hot topics to debate and hints about possible changes that could affect our future work and studies.


Up for a debate?

Saying that recent headlines have had the power to divide opinion is quite the understatement! However, we wanted to highlight a couple that directly impact the care sector.

Firstly, there’s been a report in The Guardian about how the UK rights watchdog has endorsed compulsory Covid jabs for care home staff. What are your views on this? Is it wholly welcome – or could it spark controversy? 

Secondly, while not in the national news, a particularly controversial topic has been discussed in regional news outlet Shropshire Star. A local bishop has voiced concerns that legalising assisted dying will turn care givers into ‘life takers’. Dignity in Dying’s CEO, however, has very different views…


Policy, funding and reform

The PM came under fire recently when the Queen’s Speech included just 9 words relating to the long-promised social care reform. In the speech, viewers were simply told ‘it was coming’. With Nicola Sturgeon and many others speaking out about the impact of continued delays, this piece in the LGC (Local Government Chronicle) argues that social care reform could tick many political boxes.

Those working in day nurseries will be interested to hear about how nurseries are eligible for a £1000 cash boost for every t-level placementHow will this benefit nurseries and trainees? And what might be driving this incentive?

On the other side of the funding fence, however, headlines from a new campaign run by Grazia in partnership with Pregnant Then Screwed call on the government to look at childcare reform – as UK mums are being left to pick up the bill.  

Nursery World is arguing that early years staff have a significant role to play in post-covid recoveryI’m sure we can all agree with this! But the benefits probably go beyond the obvious and this article talks about the economic, as well as the educational, developmental and health and wellbeing benefits. 

Childminders – listen up! Gavin Williamson says the school day may still be extended – although actions to change the time tabling have been delayed. What will be the impact of this on parents and childminders? How can the sector respond?



We’ve been talking about the integration of health and social care for many years now. But in practice, what might this look like? This piece from Liquidlogic, which appears as a sponsored post in Community Care talks about how their data management tool can stop people falling through the gapsWhat are the other benefits or outcomes relating to further integration of health and social care?   

Here’s a fun one! This piece in bdaily about a London entrepreneur launching the UK’s first dating app for single parents discusses a collaboration between a dating app and childcareWhat other products or services in the private sector could create innovative solutions in care?


Quality of care

former female prisoner has become first to sue the NHS over mental health care in jailThe case raises some interesting questions when considering the quality of prison care. Why might this woman be the first to do this? What might have stopped other people who have served time in the justice system from raising such a complaint? Obviously this isn’t as rare in general health and social care settings, with good quality care across physical and mental health being assessed and monitored. 

Listen to a prisoner’s perspective on prison education and wellbeing here;


And finally….

This is a great vlog 5 top tips for starting a childminding business


If you have any views on the news or things that you’d like to share, please send us an email.  We love to hear from you!