Regular News – 31st August 2021

                                                                              Lucy Nichol
                                                                              Tuesday 31st August 2021




We hope everybody’s had a great bank holiday weekend! To get you back into the swing of things, here’s our latest update on all things social care – starting with an important alert relating to some withdrawn Government guidance.

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Withdrawn guidance: 

 The Mental Capacity Act (2005) and deprivation of liberty safeguards during COVID-19

The adapted guidance, issued during the pandemic, has now been withdrawn and will no longer be updated. The Government website states that the ‘care and treatment of people who may lack the relevant mental capacity must always be guided by important principles of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA) and may in some cases include the safeguards provided by the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS). This was and is the case, before, during and after the pandemic. Where decisions may need to be made in relation to COVID-19 care or treatment, for someone who may lack the relevant mental capacity, practitioners should follow their usual processes, including the best interest decision making process.’  
 See the withdrawn guidance


Social care funding and reform

The BBC reports that many adults, particularly those with learning disabilities, have been hit hard by a steep increase in the amount they need to pay towards their care. As part of this report, the BBC also submitted an FOI to over 100 councils and found that the average rise for people with learning disabilities was £500. 

 Read the full story here


Ofsted have published a letter to Josh MacAlister, Chair of the Case For Change. There are some really interesting discussion points in this around children’s care – particularly the comments on sustainable and ongoing relationships post-18, as well as the careful balance required between autonomy/creativity and accountability.

 Read the full letter here


Social care and COVID

Here’s the latest Government report on vaccinations, infection control measures and PPE within social care settings:

 Read the full story here


Recruitment and Skills

A report in the Shropshire Star on a recent survey conducted by the Institute of Health and Social Care Management states that around a third of social care managers have received redundancy notices from staff who object to the mandatory vaccine rule. This illustrates the precarious balance between enforced safeguarding measures and risks to staff and skills shortages – both of which would negatively impact social care users.

 Read the full story here

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Here’s an interesting story from the BBC. It talks about a smart tech pilot being rolled out to monitor usage of appliances/facilities in the homes of potentially vulnerable people. Really interesting debate as part of this around how invasive this might be, and how it could lead to increased loneliness if it’s going to replace care visits. Conversely, however, it should increase people’s independence for longer. A great topic to explore and debate further.

 Read the full story here


Also in tech, Digital Health reports that NHS Digital’s social care programme is expected to lead to £127m of benefits.

 Read the full story here


And finally….

Care England CEO, Professor Martin Green, shares his views on why we need radical reform – with an especially interesting paragraph (under integrated care systems) on how it’s not simply structures that need to change – but culture too.

 Read the full story here


We hope you enjoyed this week’s round-up and that it’s given you inspiration for your own blogs, vlogs or articles. We’ll be back in touch in a fortnight’s time with more news and views from the world of social care.