Regular News – 19th June 2021

                                                                                       Lucy Nichol
                                                                                       Monday 19th July 2021



Hello again! The so called ‘Freedom Day’ has finally arrived and the British public seem to have mixed feelings – with many feeling nervous about the current rates of Covid infections, while others are celebrating ditching their masks on public transport and shopping trips.

This will obviously have a big impact on our sector in terms of practice and restrictions, but there’s also been a lot of talk on social care again this week outside of pandemic implications.

Read on to hear the latest news, topics for debate and, as always, a softer article to end on a happier note.


The Health and Care Bill

The health and care bill has recently been debated in parliament and there are several implications for those of us working in social care to be aware of. These are detailed in an article in Community Care which highlights the return of CQC assessments of council adults’ services, removal or the delayed discharge regime (which features a fine that local authorities are to pay to NHS bodies for every day of delayed discharge relating to social care waiting times) and integrated care partnerships.



report from researchers at pro Bono Economics has made for bleak reading, with analysis showing that council spending on early support for vulnerable children has almost halved over the past decade. Note the Government’s response towards the end of the article as well.


Social care tax

Headlines suggest that the introduction of a social care tax could soon become a reality.

With reports in ReutersThe IndependentThe Times (where the story appears to have broken) and many more, a Downing Street spokesperson has suggested that Government is ‘comfortable with some sort of tax’ to fund universal social care and reduce the burden on families. This will reportedly include some sort of cap on the amount that families have to pay towards such care.


Social care capacity

The Guardian has reported that England has over 75,000 people waiting for a social care needs assessment and experts warn that the sector shouldn’t be relying on any assessment waiting lists as this poses significant risks to vulnerable people. Be sure also to read the case study at the end of the article which talks of the impact on staff and waiting times for vulnerable people.


Recruitment and Skills

Health Education England is reviewing the framework for the health workforce and, for the first time in its history, this will include registered professionals working in social care as well. Read the full story here. Be sure to look at the link towards the end of the article where updates regarding a call for evidence that carers and other stakeholders can get involved in will be posted.

PLUS - Do you use assistive technology in your role? Is it something you immediately embrace, or can the introduction of new tech feel daunting? A new report released by the County Councils Network calls for the greater integration of assistive tech within social care settings, however, it argues that social care workers should receive better training to increase their confidence. 


And finally….

Fancy listening to others talk about their experiences and developments in social care? This podcast from Community Care features Birmingham Children’s Trust team members who talk about how the trust promotes practice and training, and how they are transforming the lives of children and families.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s round-up and that it’s given you inspiration for your own blogs, vlogs or articles. We’ll be back in touch in a fortnight’s time with more news and views from the world of social care.