Self Regulation for Practitioners, CACHE Alumni's first conference event, was a roaring success! 


With almost 100 registered attendees and people watching in groups, CACHE Alumni's first conference event was held on 5th May.  Covering the theme of Self Regulation for Practitioners, the event saw speakers, Stephen Mordue, Stacy Mann, Dave Wilson and Dr Mine Conkbayir talk around self care and self regulation.  We can't, after all, have one without the other. 


CACHE Alumni's editor, Dawn, opened the event with some instructions on how to get set up and explained how the interactive features worked, so that people could take full advantage of the conferencing software and speak to their table, share their profile and network with the room before Stephen Mordue introduced us to the concept of The Five Gears. 

Stephen talked us through how we can use the idea of the 'five gears' to help us to approach planning, interactions and 'deep work' and how this approach can have a positive impact on those around us, helping us to co-regulate for our own benefit and the benefit of those that we care for.





After Stephen's tip-packed presentation, we heard from Stacy Mann, CACHE's Subject specialist for Childcare and Education, who talked us through some techniques and considerations for when working in environments we can't always control and for small changes we can make to how we approach tasks and communication to help us to co-regulate more effectively with those around us, whether they be colleagues, or those we care for.




Stacy's session contained lots of interaction and the audience were keen to get involved. There was lots of conversation in the conference room with people sharing tips, feelings and their own coping strategies. There was also a secondary set of conversations, much like at a face to face conference, with lots of connections being made at tables and attendees sharing details of things that have shaped their interactions, relationships and reactions*.

After Stacy's presentation, everyone in attendance was able to take part in a guided relaxation, which you can find on our YouTube channel.

After a networking break, where the interaction continued at many tables, whilst others grabbed a drink, Dave Wilson, Author of 'Day Walks in Northumberland', joined us to share his thinking on why walking can solve anything... 




Then, in our 'headline' spot, Dr Mine Conkbayir joined Dawn to discuss self care and co-regulation informed approaches to relationships, in a conversation informed by Dr Conkbayir's research in Neuroscience in Early Years Education. Mine spoke frankly about neurodiversity, the new EYFS guidance around neuroscience & self regulation and answered questions from those who attended in a quick fire session.



We closed out the event with more conversation and are looking forward to hosting the next one. If you'd like to tell us which bits of the event you enjoyed most, you can leave us feedback here;

And we'll be back soon with more events, e-learning, articles, videos and podcasts.  In the meantime, please have a look around, take time to update your profile and CPD log and don't forget to take time to take care of you! 

You can find Stephen Mordue's articles, podcasts and videos for CACHE Alumni on our website and Stephen has his own website of short social care resources at;

You can find Dave Wilson on social media as @GreatNorthDave and will find Day Walks in Northumberland in bookshops. 

You can find Dr Mine Conkbayir at; and on social media as Dr Mine Conkbayir

and, as always, you can find Dawn, Stacy and CACHE Alumni's resources, tools and team  at and via [email protected]


*We've removed the interactive parts of the sessions, due to the personal nature of what was shared by some of those who attended and we've edited all of the event videos shared here, as parts of the presentations of all of our speakers relied on the context of the live event.