Sector News Update – Week Commencing 28th September 2020



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Amongst all of the current problems being faced by schools, there is glimmer of hope for the future, with the possible eradication of teacher shortfalls.  During the pandemic, there’s been a huge rise in the number of skilled professionals entering teacher training in ‘shortfall’ subject areas. Whilst this is great news, heads are urging caution due to number of recruitment of newly qualified teachers who leave the profession.

Schools and nurseries are both encountering problems with implementing safety guidance and getting access to testing, with MPs asking Government to explain problems with testing in Early Years Settings after it was announced that only maintained nurseries will receive testing kits, excluding private daycare providers and nurseries. 

Despite the problems being encountered in schools, there are no plans to close classrooms amid tougher lockdown measures. This is a concern for many, as schools have seen a sharp rise in cases, with pupils being sent home and classes (including their teachers) being forced to self-isolate. 

As the ‘rule of six’ continues to have an impact on sports and other social activities, colleges are exempt from the rules on adult indoor sport though students must stick to their small group when playing together outside of organised teaching. 

Covid is not the only danger to young people during the pandemic. County Lines cases have risen sharply during the Covid outbreak, leading to the issuing of a safeguarding alert. 

Not sure what the new rules are?  They might be different if you’re in a local lockdown area, such as Tyneside and Durham, but the national guidelines are available from national news channels, with details of the penalties faced by those who break the rules


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