Sector News Update – Week Commencing 1st February 2021


Hi everyone and welcome to another week and the start of a new month!

This week thousands of key working Early Years staff are unable to attend work, as school places for key workers fall short of demand;

A landmark ruling on top up fees for funded nursery places has caused concern amongst providers, serving as a warning around administration of payments, as a parent successfully claims back over £1000;

The Education Policy Institute says that pupils who are hit by covid should be given the opportunity to repeat a year at school;

Councils are finding ways around vaccine tiers, with some prioritising special school and Early Years workers as working within health and social care;


Another 'new' strain of Covid, though to originate in South Africa, has been found in the UK, with no known links to travel.  Door to door testing is due to begin in Surrey, as part of increased measures to track and tree the variant;


And, in this weeks' 'joyful news', all eligible care home residents in the UK have now been offered a vaccination with Newcastle, the city which admitted the UK's first cases of Covid in this same week last year, has announced that it's the first city to vaccinate all care home residents.


Until next time, take care.