Sector News Update – 25th January 2021


Hi everyone and welcome to another Monday.

Ministers have, this week, called for a ‘roadmap’ outlining how we’ll get back to a world of open schools, whilst scientists say, tentatively, that the existing vaccines will work against new strains currently in circulation from the UK and South Africa;

Whilst schools are closed, many are concerned about a gap in children’s education, with maths English and science often cited as at risk of ‘falling behind’, but children receive much more than ‘only’ academic skills whilst in education and recent report found that many parents are failing to toilet train their children without the support of nursery teams;

Support to access childcare costs upfront, for those navigating the benefits system, is a step closer after welfare advisor, Nichola Salvato, won a landmark Universal Credit Appeal.  A judge has ruled that the administration of the current Universal Credit system, which requires proof of payment which forces poorer families to pay for childcare up-front, is unlawful;

The BBC broadcast ‘The Mental Health Act and Me’ on 16th January, speaking to mental health service users about their experiences.  If you missed it, or want to review a written version of the programme, you can read the transcript here;


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