Sector News Update – 4th January 2021

Hi all and welcome to another edition of our sector news update. Today we’re rounding up the news from over the holidays to bring us up to date with announcements today.  

Over the Christmas break there have been a number of significant pieces of news.  Festive activities have increased the spread of Covid-19, with one care home seeing an outbreak due to a visiting Santa.  Healthcare workers have described how their days look and how the current crisis is affecting them

The UK has now officially left the EU and a number of different services, relationships and contracts will be affected.  Immediately, this has seen a number of people stopped at the border of The Netherlands as the UK no longer qualifies for non-essential travel to the EU during Coronavirus restrictions. - Meanwhile, the UK has launched a review into why black and ethnic minority healthcare workers seem to be disproportionately affected by covid-19. 70% of the health and social care workers who have died from the disease are from BAME backgrounds despite accounting for just under half of NHS doctors and nurses. This seems to be the case in general population too, with around 14% of the population but around 34% of critically ill people being made up of people from BAME backgrounds.

As the first dose of the new Oxford vaccine is delivered in the UK as the rollout starts, government are refusing to roll out a national lockdown with Boris announcing that there's 'no question' that restrictions will need to get tighter.

Scotland, meanwhile, has announced another full national lockdown, including issuing a 'stay at home' order, asking people to stay at home unless essential.   

In the past couple of days, announcements mean that all London Primary Schools will remain closed today and until at least the 18th January.  This announcement comes as teachers report being scared and frustrated as areas of the country also in tier 4 are asked to return to school. 

And as Early Years professionals are recognised in the New Years Honours List local authorities are anticipating the permanent closure of large numbers of nursery settings as Covid funding provision comes to an end in January.

We’re working hard to develop resources and articles to support you in the current climate and for the future, as the world changes around us and shapes new ways of working and best practice. We’ll publish the first of these later today and begin to share support with different aspects of health, social care, teaching and childcare. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see, or you know your colleagues have a particuar struggle, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected] and we’ll try our best to help!

Thanks again for all of the amazing things you’re doing to keep us going during this difficult and strange time and the things that you’ve always done, that are only now being noticed.

You’re all incredible.

Until next time, take care.

Dawn – Editor of CACHE Alumni