Sector News Update –7th December 2020


Hi all and welcome to another busy news day,

There’s been a lot going on with lots of different news and announcements relating to education and early years.

The Department for Education has released guidance updates which say that students who are self isolating should receive the same amount of teaching as their on-site colleagues;

At the same time as this guidance was issued, the department also clarified that daily checks on learners staying at home were no longer required and those isolating should be contacted 'at least weekly';

Whilst more children are sent home or kept home, it's evident that some families are struggling to navigate the financial implications of covid, with Nursery World reporting that over a million children now living in poverty are ineligible for support from free school meals;

And parents aren't the only ones struggling.  The new workforce funding released by government specifically excludes early years providers, with some calling it a 'slap in the face' for settings;

Though some testing has been cancelled for 2021, it's now been confirmed that EYFS practitioners will still need to complete the EYFS Foundation Stage Profile for children this academic year;

And in care, there's good news, as it's confirmed that elderly and vulnerable individuals and their carers will be first in the queue for the new vaccine, with care workers and the NHS receiving the first doses as early as next week;

I’ll be back later to add any updates that happen throughout the week, but if we can be helpful, or your looking for specific news or advice and we can help, please get in touch with our team at [email protected]

Until next time, take care