Sector News Update – 11th January 2021


Starting the week with some good news, the UK has become the world leader in the use of language learning apps.  The popularity of apps like Duolingo, Busuu and Babbel has soured during lockdown, as Brits channel their interests in travel into learning about culture through language;

As the pandemic continues, Prof Chris Whitty has urged people to reduce their contact with others as we navigate the ‘worst few weeks of the pandemic’; 

Though videos of empty hospital corridors have been circulating online, leading to claims that current claims of overwhelm are exaggerated, hospitals are struggling with capacity as cases and admissions soar.  The BBC explains the truth behind these ‘empty’ hospitals;

Under plans being drawn-up by the government, the number of vaccination ‘mega-centres’ set up in sports stadiums and conference halls will be increased sevenfold in the coming weeks, with seven already announced and a further fifty to be opened ‘as soon as possible’;

There are, as yet, no plans to close nursery and early years provision during the current England and Wales lockdowns, though early years provision is closed in Northern Ireland and Scotland, as ministers claim that there is ‘very little risk’ in nurseries; whilst Wales has announced that schools will remain closed until at least half term unless cases of Covid-19 fall; 

The BBC has announced a change in the way that it delivers learning, with all of it’s BBC Bitesize content now being available on iPlayer;


We hope that you’re managing to stay well and have all that you need.  

If you don’t or you need help with finding support or information, please get in touch with our team at [email protected] and we’ll try our best to help!

I’ll be back after the weekend with another news update but in the meantime, take care.

Dawn – CACHE Alumni Editor