Sector News Update – 23rd November 2020


Hi everyone,

Vaccine news continues to feature in the 'top stories' of most news publications today, with another vaccine trial publishing their efficacy results;

As the manufacturers report on test results, some sources are reporting that the public might expect to see vaccination programmes starting up as early as December;

Though vaccination is flying high in the news, restrictions and isolation are still necessary as we wait for their launch.  Daily testing might see a change in the way that self-isolation is managed, as a way to reduce the impact on those asked to isolate as part of contact tracing measures;

With the current lockdown in England set to end on 2nd December, many are waiting for this afternoon's announcements from government on what restrictions might look like from there;

A review has shown that, whilst restrictions continue, digital education can offer constructive support for parents, though should never replace face to face interventions;

Brexit talks have not yet resumed, with obstacles created by the pandemic meaning that no date has yet been set for them to resume;

Additional support might be beneficial to young children, after a recent report showed that the first national lockdown had significantly affected mental health in this age group;

Until next time, take care.