Regular News – 10th August 2021

                                                                              Lucy Nichol
                                                                              Monday 10th August 2021




August’s second update has more debate around how to fund the social care sector (and not only how, but whoshould be footing the bill) as well as what the service priorities should be. There is also a report in the Guardian about the increasing cases of child abuse and social care referrals due to the impact of lockdown and the pressure this is placing on services.

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Social care funding

  • Following on from the recent reports about the proposed increase to NI contributions to fund social care, a report has found that two thirds of Britons fully support this move. Interestingly, support for the plans was less likely within the younger age groups, with just 56% of 18-34 year olds backing the move. Any idea as to why this might be?
  • Following on from the above, this piece in New Statesman argues that younger people shouldn’t feel the burden of footing the social care bill – and that older, wealthier people should contribute more where they are able. Do you agree?


Social care reform

  • A piece in the Scotsman argues that a new and improved social care system in Scotland needs to prioritise end of life care. How might you argue for this provision? Where does it sit amongst wider social care services in terms of priorities?


Social care and COVID


  • There’s a shocking report in the Guardian that talks of the increase in children suffering abuse during the pandemic, leading to huge numbers in social care referrals – currently causing the system to buckle under pressure. What lockdown factors might have caused this increase in referrals?
    Similarly, Charlotte Ramsden for the Local Government Chronicle talks about the need for a holistic vision for children that looks beyond social care in light of the impact of the pandemic.


Quality of care

  • Homecare Insight reports that the way people are able to challenge social care decisions is being reviewed as too many people are faced with barriers, making it difficult to influence. The full report from the inquiry will be published next year.


Recruitment and Skills

  • FE News has reported that a new recruitment and skills initiative, called Now Care, has been widely welcomed by the social care sector to increase recruitment and attract high calibre talent



  • The MJ is reporting on an event being held next month that will focus on regeneration and digital and tech in social care to consider how the sector can reposnd to growing need at scale. Places are still available for in person and online attendees – there is a link to enquire at the bottom of the article.


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