Welcome to our new website!


CACHE Alumni are pleased to announce our New Online Membership website!

We've spent the last two years talking to our members, listening to your feedback and building our understanding of how we can be most helpful.... and we've launched a new system to allow us to build the future of our service around our CPD offer, subject specialist articles and the other things you asked for in our surveys and when we've seen you at events!

We've added our podcast to the site, to make it easier to listen to interviews and best practice episodes from Pod-CACHE and we've changed the way that we work, so you'll be able to access our articles directly from future newsletters, without having to sign-in.

The new site is live now with all of our articles, podcast episodes and careers support ready and waiting to be explored! Our e-learning will move very soon, after we take this opportunity to update it and ensure we're offering the best information possible to support your practice.

Please login and explore the new system, which will progressively offer more and more ways for us to better serve our members and, importantly, provide more targeted, individualised support.

First things first - for security reasons you need to set up a new password in order to gain access to your account. To do this follow the steps noted below. Please also read the “important key steps and issues” after Step 3, below, as you go through the site.


1. Choose “Forgot My Password” after clicking on this link: Login Page (or go to www.cachealumni.org.uk and click 'sign in', if you'd prefer not to use the link!)

2. Enter your Email Address in the Username field and Click “Submit”

If the system cannot locate your email address, please contact us (see contact details below).

3. Once your password is emailed to you, you can return to the site and log into the system. You will be taken to your personal landing page. On this page select your name, located in the upper right between the Sign Out and Cart links, to access your membership record.

The information in your record is what we were able to transfer from our previous records and we'll shortly add your CPD record to the information that you can view in the 'my profile' section of the website. You now have an important opportunity to make additions or corrections to your personal information in advance of this.

If you have questions regarding the new system or your membership (or you'd just like to tell us what you think!) please contact our team at [email protected]

Thanks and take care!

Dawn Constance Mulvaney - Editor of CACHEAlumni.org.uk

[email protected]